TVO Feed Business

TVO Feed Business

Thai Vegetable Oil Public Company limited., or TVO was found in 1968. More than 50 years, as of today, TVO has become SOUTHEAST ASIA’S LARGEST SOYBEAN MEAL PROCESSOR, governing own high-standard laboratory 4 crushing facilities and 3 refineries in Thailand. We provide High Quality Soybean products such as Soybean Meal, Dehulled, Full Fat Soy, Dehulled Full Fat Soy, Lecithin, Acid Oil, Crude Soybean Oil and Refined Soybean Oil.

TVO remains determined to produce high quality products; under the philosophy, “WE WILL PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR BETTER QUALITY OF LIVES”. We focus on keeping low Microtoxin and wasted. We maintain FRESHNESS to all key products. All clients can be trusted to receive the best products from TVO

TVO Dehulled Soymeal

It is made from soybeans through a special screening and high production standards. This product has very high protein levels and contains less fiber. It is suitable as a main protein source in feeds for high performance animal breeds. ‘TVO High Protein Dehulled Soymeal’ is suitable for any age of any animal species, be it pigs, broilers, layers, ducks and ruminants. It is even suited well in aquaculture.

TVO Hipromeal

TVO Hipromeal: is the best of protein source, optimize of nutrients for all animal species. This is made from meal of whole soybeans. The product comes with complete nutrients; the nutritive value of the products is entirely within the required nutrition standards due to an advanced production process. TVO Hipromeal can use as a primary source of protein in any animal species of any age.

TVO Dehulled Full Fat Soy

New Generation of Full Fat Soy

TVO Dehulled Full Fat Soy is made from dehulling full fat soybeans with TVO’s highest production standards are met by using of extruded thermal treatment technology. It is suitable for young animals such as newborn piglets and nursery pigs. It is highly recommended for using in broilers, layers, ducks, shrimp and fish, last animals in need of extra energy sources, e.g. lactating sows. The dehulled full fat soy get the best possible treatment to avoid the occurrence of anti-nutrients in soybean seeds. This way an optimum availability of Amino Acids and Oils can be ensured. TVO dehulled full fat soybeans are uniform in their texture, even when the product is mixed in animal feed. The product is full of Unsaturated Fatty Acids and lecithin.

TVO full fat soy

Full Fat Soy. This product is made from high quality extruded soybeans. The extrusion process is the best way to destroy anti-nutrients in soybean seeds. TVO full fat soy, the best source of protein and energy. It is full of unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin which are essential for all young animals.


The important substances of Lecithin are phospholipids and choline. These substances are essential ingredients for both young animal feed as well as aquatic feed – especially for shrimp. Lecithin is a natural food emulsifier, it helps to enhance the absorption and utilization of fat. Lecithin is a good energy source for animal feed.

Crude Degummed Soybean oil

extract from 100% soybeans acquired by advanced manufacturing processes. It is produced according to the certified quality food standard system FSSC22000. The product is suitable as an energy source in animal feed. Crude Degummed Soybean Oil is enriched with Vitamin E, Phosphatides and essential Fatty Acids such as Linolenic and Linoleic, both of which are essential for the growth of animals.

Soy hull

Soy hull: This is a byproduct from the dehulled soybean production process. Soy hull contains 11-12% of protein and a high level of fiber of 36%. Still, these are good fibers, such as Pectin (30% of the total amount of fibers) and Hemicelluloses (50%). Especially pigs and cattle (dairy/beef) do perform well using these fibers.