TVO Oil Products

Complete line and global standard

TVO oil manufacture is a complete line processing from soybean seed to refine soybean oil. TVO ensure the freshness of our oil as we import soybean seed every month in panamax size and used it up. TVO cooking oil's quality has always been globally accepted among industries and end consumers, as can be seen from the frequent repurchase. TVO oil is extensive used in several major food and non-food manufacturers, especially retail packs for consumer markets, as well as catering hotels and restaurants

The main 6 types of TVO oil are:

Beside Soybean oil TVO also have Refined Bleached Deodorized Sunflower oil which derived from local sunflower seed crop in Thailand. TVO oil is available in Tin Can, Jerry Can, Drum, IBC, ISO Tank, Flexitank, and Vessel.