TVO Oil Quality

The Heart of TVO oil is the raw material and the high quality of the production processing and our people who operate.  Not every soybean is the same, TVO has the experience to source the high quality soybean which will best fits in our production to produce high quality crude soybean oil and refined soybean oil.

From the port our soybean is load to the tunnel in closed system to inventory and proceed to the processing line to avoid any contamination from surrounding.

TVO regularly do product test with competitor.

With economy of scale, TVO is able to import every month soybean seed to ensure the product freshness on the market.

With long experience of oilseed processing and continue invest in equipment for oilseed processor and laboratory inspect, TVO achieve international standard certification to meet the international standard production of our international customers.

TVO is doing business in long term partnership not in term as buyer and seller.