IP Certification Non GMO


Whenever you need the product to ensure that there is no trace of GMO in the product. TVO offer the product full of certificate of the origin to ensure safety for your requested.

TVO oil are produced within a system of identity preservation and traceability. Nowadays, demand for traceability is coming from consumers who want to know who produced the food and from food manufacturers who want documentation tracing foods to their source.

We think this issue (traceability) is so great and we know there will be increasing need for it.
The Tracer Program includes identity preservation measures to ensure non-GM status of soybeans, controls on seed sources, GMO testing at certain stages of production, documented traceability back to the fields, and third-party verification.


  • Chili pasting
  • Tuna canning / Canned foods
  • Margarines / non-dairy cream
  • Candy / confections
  • Frying / Baking / Cooking
  • Mayonnaise / Salad dressing
  • Chocolate / compound coatings
  • Processed foods / Snacks
  • wood sealer
  • Paint
  • Vitamin