About TVO

TVO is Southeast Asia's largest soybean oilseed processor, governing four crushing facilities and three refineries in Thailand. TVO utilizes soybean over 2,000,000 tons annually which can convert to cooking oil up to 400,000 tons per year. Founded in 1968, by the VITAYATANAGORN FAMILY. TVO has been publicly listed in Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1990. We have 4 Business Units. Feed, Consumer Cooking Oil, Industrial Cooking Oil, Import and Export Soybean and Soybean Oil.

TVO Philosophy

TVO determines to produce high quality products all through process, under the philosophy WE WILL PRODUCE QUALITY PRODUCT FOR BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE, we focus on research and development process to improve its quality of products

TVO People

In order to provide healthy environment workplace, welfare and incentive for employee, we established committees that work on such issue, for example; Safety Hygiene and Environment committee, welfare committee, we also established provident fund, since 1993. The company strictly implement according to standard of policy. On regards of human development, we focus on human training on competency and skill to have employee gain expertise in their career path.  TVO set up in house training course TVO Leadership Development Program for our people.

Social and Communities

The Company conducts its business activities with responsibility to social and community, we keep continue improving production process to reduce environmental impacts, moreover we also analyzed risk factors that would affect surrounding community by Risk Management Committee who directly reports to the Board of Directors and having preventive measurement to protect impact which may happen to community.    

The company opts to employ local members of the community and has initiated several projects to develop and raise the quality of living within the community.

TVO is doing business with responsibility to society and communities, with a policy focusing on helping  communities develop themselves as well as giving them support to promote a better quality of living. During the Great  Floods crisis in 2011, we provided food and water for flood victims until the situation was back to normal, particularly in Nakhon Pathom province, where our factories are located. Besides, we provided rescue teams to support Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, to protect the campus against the disaster. 

TVO sets up campaign to promote educational activities to renovate school building, provide computers and other educational equipment. Moreover we also donate luncheon fund for student.  

TVO was certified standard ISO 14001 and also the first vegetable oil company in Thailand who've got Carbon Footprint, from Thailand Green House Gas Management Organization (Public Organization).